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Beautiful ceramics for your table and home.

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We will be participating in the Phinny Ridge  winter festival December 1 & 2. 

Looking forward to seeing you there.

 Location: Phinney Center | 6532 Phinney Ave N. | Directions 

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About Me

  I have always needed ceramics in my life psychologically and emotionally. This has created some really interesting situations in order to make this happen!

  I have hauled a wheel 1 mile up a mountain and have moved a 2,500 lb kiln three times. But my passion for ceramics has always carried me as I have persevered through it all. From running a ceramics lamp company “Stickshade Lamps” to participating in numerous studio tours, I am very happy to open  my Sunset Hill Ceramics business from my home in Ballard, Washington. I am delighted to be able to bring pleasure to your home and table through my work. Enjoy and please enjoy your loved ones.

My Work

27 years teaching the violin but At a young age I was fortunate to go to Japan and work with Potters that created national treasures using form color and texture.

My Inspiration

 I have always found a internal peace when sitting and creating pottery, from feeling the earthiness of clay spinning in my hands to throwing a 10 pound slab, the physical  as well as the creative aspect have kept me physically and mentally stable during hard times. 

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Sunset Hill Ceramics

6316 30th Avenue Northwest, Seattle, Washington 98107, United States

{206} 351-3307

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