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Welcome to Sunset Hill Ceramics

Welcome to Sunset Hill Ceramics

Welcome to Sunset Hill CeramicsWelcome to Sunset Hill Ceramics

I enjoy bringing high-fired beautiful ceramics to the table and home for daily use. I believe that sharing a home cooked meal with friends is one of the best gifts we can give to one other. Creating cone 10 high-fired ceramics takes longer than most other methods of firing pottery. But, I am motivated by the spirit of working with the fire, the hands-on connection with the process and the depth of results that are achieved.

Come join me on Sundays at Ballard's farmers market!


Class Schedule 2019

I will hold an 8 week class series  October 28th-December20th. Classes will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evenings 6:30-9:30PM and one weekday morning time  9:30-12:30 (TBA).  I will cover slab construction, wheel throwing, decorating, trimming and glazing techniques. Class cost is $375 (all supplies, clay, glazes and firing are included)

Please let me know if you can join and if so, which class time is best for you  so that I can hold your spot. 

I hope to see you in the studio

3 3/4 " round dish 1/2 " high

The Little Everything Dish

This little dish can be used for multiple purposes: tea bag holder, soy sauce, salt & pepper, 

spoon rest, keys, earrings, hearing aids, incense holder and more!

About me


  I have always needed ceramics in my life as it feeds my spirit so much. This has created some really interesting situations in order to make this happen!

  I have hauled a wheel 1 mile up a mountain and have moved a 2,500 lb kiln three times. But my passion for ceramics has always carried me through it all. From running a ceramics lamp company “Stickshade Lamps” to participating in numerous studio tours, I am very happy to have  my Sunset Hill Ceramics business at my home in Ballard, Washington. I am delighted to be able to bring pleasure to your home and table through my work. Enjoy and please enjoy your loved ones.


My Work

I have spent the last 30 years teaching the violin and fiddle.  At a young age I traveled to Japan spending time with Dr Suzuki working on my violin teaching program. While In Japan I was very fortunate to have also landed an internship with a ceramicist who had been declared a national treasure by the name of Eitaro Takano. Both of these experiences deeply influenced me.


My Inspiration

 I have always found an internal peace when sitting and creating pottery.  From feeling the earthiness of clay spinning in my hands to throwing a 5 pound slab, the physical  as well as the creative aspect have kept me physically and mentally alive.

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